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Frank J. Lucatelli, 19 May 2013, version 4

I am indebted to others for the concept of forming the ten digits according to the number of angles needed to form each numerical digit. For example, here is a version of the font that I discovered on the Milky way scientists’ Facebook page:

Milky way scientists version of font

However ingenious that the concept is, the appearance of the resulting font is less than elegant. Just like people who live together begin to look alike, this version 4 of the fonts shows increased similarity among the digits compared to the first version. I propose that the following re-proportioned font be used for the angles concept:

Angle Count Font without marked angles v4

The included angles for each digit are marked below, the “zero” has no angles:

Angle Count Font with marked angles v4

I’ve always had a difficult time describing the difference between analysis and design. This is a good visual representation of the difference. The original font, and others similar to it, were formed individually with the analytical angles concept in mind. This redesigned set used the same principle, but in addition to the analytical principal, the numbers also had to reflect each other as part of the same system. Each number within the font could look to all the others as analogies for what it should look like itself.

This copyrighted font may be freely used as a font in personal presentations and documents with credit given to the copyright holder, Frank J. Lucatelli, who reserves the distribution and commercial rights to this “Angle Count” digits font.